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Running a Successful Business and 17 Great Apps That Will Help You Achieve Results

Using apps is vital if you want to have a successful business.

Having an idea is no longer enough. Using apps to manage your business, create leads, manage online presence, and workflows are the recipes for a successful business.

Managing Your Business

Managing your business is not an easy feat. You have to pull the strings correctly; otherwise, you may fall short and not achieve the results you were looking for.


Growing a business is no child’s play. Good accounting will get you up to speed on how to run a lean business that reaches its goals. As a business owner, the budget you allocate to your accounting isn’t an easy decision to make. To know whether you’ve spent your budget wisely, take a look at Xero or QuickBooks – both are robust performers and will not break the bank. Both can integrate with other apps, which is a good sign for a successful business.


Business is about money. And when it comes to money — security of payments comes as a top priority. Paypal and Stripe are among the most established solutions for secure online payments when it comes to payment processing. Both platforms have built their reputation on the security and global support they offer for businesses around the world. A successful business heavily relies on secure payments to develop trustworthy relationships with clients.


The best bank accounts for a successful business help entrepreneurs run their businesses while also providing them with the necessary support and tools to make banking easy. Banks such as Revolut Business offer potent features like in-app payments, instant transaction notifications, and seamless account linking.


Surprisingly, signing documents might turn out to be a huge problem in the digital world, especially if you are not prepared for that. Fortunately, DocuSign is there – efficient yet straightforward.

Generating and managing leads

Creating leads matters the most, if you want sales.

The second most important thing to sales is leads. You need to have the fastest car in the world, but that wouldn’t mean anything if you don’t have any fuel to power it. Leads are the fuel that drives your sales and conversions — they are the key ingredient in building a successful business, and they need a helping hand from different tools.

GetProspect excels at one thing – find the right people from your LinkedIn. As we know, LinkedIn is probably the most prominent social media network for B2B partnerships, and there is no way to build a successful business without an established profile.

On the other hand, email marketing is still key to success. With Klaviyo and MailChimp, you can prepare great emails and create an engaged audience by regular updates regarding new articles, industry news, etc.

Social Media Management and Advertising

Without social media, no business can call themselves "successful" in 2021.

Social media is paramount to modern-day business. Facebook and LinkedIn are mandatory social channels for e-commerce brands to utilize, while Instagram is the most effective tool for marketing to millennial consumers. On the other hand, Twitter turns out to be a good platform for news, announcements, and all the other types of brand messages. One significant advantage of Twitter is how laidback tweets can be.

But how to distinguish the platforms and which one to put your focus on?


Facebook is where it all started. It has more than 2 billion users (not million, billion!), and almost half of them are aged 35+, which makes it very appealing for companies that target middle-aged audiences. Because it is so popular (nearly 70% log on daily), it makes it a great option for brands to promote almost anything, as you will have audiences with different educational backgrounds and literacy, incomes, etc. Its huge database can help you create great content and advertise it properly.


LinkedIn is an excellent B2B network for professionals to connect with individuals in their industry. It’s the most accepted and largest social networking platform for professionals, with more than 740 million users worldwide. By joining LinkedIn, businesses can reach millions of potential customers and clients who use the platform for connecting, finding jobs, building teams, sharing ideas, and staying up to date on the news.


Instagram is more than just another social media platform. With over 1 billion active users, it has become a hub for businesses to market their products and services and market themselves. Influencer marketing has grown to be one of the most effective forms of marketing on Instagram. The strategy allows businesses to connect with real people while leveraging the trust that customers have in their favorite brands.


Twitter has a global presence and an active user base of 200 million people. Its short-form messaging capabilities make it perfect for news and announcements — what’s trending, what’s going on right now. It has the power to inform the world about everything from breaking international news to product launches and updates.

Internal Communication

Internal discussion help teams come up with good results and have fun.

In an age of team communication, you must keep track of your team’s discussions and work. By providing chat rooms and other instant messaging resources in addition to more traditional communication tools, like email, you’ll be better equipped to help your employees work together on projects. Slack and Google Chat are great examples of good chatting platforms.

Workflow Management

There are hundreds of work management apps on the market, but ClickUp stands out as one of the best with its incredible adaptability and great features. In fact, ClickUp is so reasonably priced that it beats out almost anything on the regular business app market.

In this article, we shed some light on what good project management software should have.

An all-in-one integration tool

While it’s expected that businesses will have an app, this isn’t enough. For organizations to grow, they need to streamline their back-end capabilities. This is where workflow automation comes in — it allows businesses to manage multiple components of their platform through a single interface, which helps them accelerate the speed of customer service and optimize efficiency. 

Integromat is the glue that can hold all these apps together, making your life easier and your road to a successful business less bumpy.


Running a successful business may seem like a challenging task, but have no fear. With the suitable applications and the right tool to run the apps smoothly together, you can achieve so much more in less time and become much better.

We are a registered Integromat partner.

Our team has completed many Integromat projects, and we can be proud of working with so many happy customers. If you want to become one of them, book a meeting, and we will be more than glad to support you throughout the whole journey.


APIs are the future of your online business and Integromat is the best solution | LogicoreTech

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Integromat as a platform and how it helps with integrations.

Integromat helps business owners create codeless Integrations for ClickUp
APIs – the future of online business
APIs – The Key to Success

If you’re an online business, the future of your success may depend on APIs. Integromat is a powerful API integration tool that can help you integrate and manage all of your web-based services from one place. In this blog post, we’ll show you some examples of what Integromat can do for your company and how it’s shaping the future of online businesses everywhere.

Online Apps – They are No Longer The Future

It seems to be the new reality that companies are using a plethora of tools and applications for both their day-to-day work, as well as growing with them. That’s all great until you’re continuously switching from one tool or service to another in order to complete tasks like invoicing clients, sending emails out through email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, staying organized via Slack, etc.; it’s just not efficient anymore – so much time is wasted on repetitive actions!

Connecting all Apps – Now a Must-Do Task
Finding the right tools is pivotal for success

We can all agree that using multiple apps is a pain, but a recent study shows it’s actually harmful to the human brain.

It was about time companies came up with a solution for businesses that utilize way too many apps. The “mess” of using all these different programs is overwhelming and not sustainable in the long term. We’re living in an era where we have to be constantly connected, but you can’t do it by being plugged into dozens of applications at once…you need one hub that manages everything from one place. Our team has found some great alternatives to deal with this problem.

Integromat – a Powerhouse in API Integrations

Integromat is a powerhouse in API integrations. With more than 650 apps connected, it helps out with the major tasks flawlessly. Most importantly, it is a codeless solution which means it is not the hardest option to maintain.

Reputation is everything

What is a company without reputation? Absolutely nothing. We are past the time when doing the job was OK. Clients are looking for a complete package of services, and are more than willing to voice their opinion, especially if something is not good enough.

Platform reviews

The Prague-based company boasts an impeccable reputation. According to G2’s reviews, it’s been recognized as a leader for Spring 2021.

Trustradius gives it a 9.6 out of 10 while GetApp rates Integromat extremely well – 4.9/5 from about 200 reviews (199, to be precise). TrustPilot gives it 4 stars (from 12 reviews).


Subscription costs are significant part of the business decision. Using multiple tools can be pricey and every cent matters. In our opinion, Integromat offers a great value for money.

Not only for its performance but because of its relative simplicity. Price-wise it offers huge options even if you go for the $29/month plan. Of course, small businesses could opt for cheaper options and enterprises have to go big. Anyways, it may be considered a bang for the buck.

It is not ideal, though

As a business owner, you should always measure the pros and cons of a product/service that you are about to purchase. And if everything is ideal, it is a red flag. Here, we will discuss the problems you might face with Integromat.

Codeless integrations are great, they are simplified and you might be able to catch up well with them quickly, even if you are not a programmer. However, just because it is relatively simple, it does not mean it is that easy. If you are not a “techie”, you may actually find it harder to execute.

Also, some of the criticism comes from people who want more apps and easier integrations. While it is understandable to demand more, we can all agree that it is easier to say than done.

Logicore Tech – a reliable partner of Integromat

With so many people doing this type of work on their own, it’s difficult to know for certain if what you’re getting will be quality or not. Since so-called “experts” operate on different freelance platforms, Integromat is exposed to a bad reputation due to poor integrations. To distance themselves from non-professionals, the Czechs created a partnership portal where people are tested for their platform knowledge. Logicore Tech is a certified partner of Integromat which means our job has been monitored and approved.

Integromat services for ClickUp

Our team works with a variety of Integromat APIs but we prefer to specialize in one area, rather than trying to have a finger in every pie. In one of our previous articles, we mentioned how selecting the right project management tool is a necessity today. Partners themselves, Integromat, and ClickUp made it possible to not only integrate different APIs but to actually utilize ClickUp’s features to their fullest.

Logicore Tech – your guardian angel

Book a free call with the CEO itself! This way, you will define your needs, and get the best value for your business.

Integromat ClickUp

Integromat: Great Codeless Integrations with Many Different Apps (650+)

In this article, we will review Integromat as a software tool, and decide if the product is worth your attention, or not.

Why use Integrations?

Integromat - is it worth using it?

We often get asked the question “Why should we use integrations?” It’s a good one, and it deserves an answer. Integrations allow you to connect your Gmail, ClickUp, Slack, and other accounts with other apps so that you can work smarter. You might be thinking to yourself: “Why would I want to do this?”. We’ll give you two reasons why: 1) Automation makes life easier. 2) More time equals more money!

The first reason is pretty self-explanatory; automating things will make everything easier for you and will free up your time so that you can focus on other areas of your business or personal life. The second reason is just as important – if we’re talking about making more money, then every minute counts.

What are Integrations?

The answer to the question, “What are integrations?” is that they’re a set of pre-built workflows which allow you to connect an app with other apps so that you can automate tasks and spend more time focusing on important aspects of your business.

For the record, there are 4 types of integrations(API, Webhooks, ISC, and Orchestration) but this is not the topic of our discussion.

In this article, we discuss what makes integrations important for online businesses and why Integromat is a good solution for someone who doesn’t know what to choose from.

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a service that makes it possible to turn one’s ideas into reality. This platform has more than 650 APIs which can be used for anything from the weather or recipes, even Twitter feeds!

Integromat – many apps, one gateway

Integration types are also important because different apps offer different benefits with each integration type (i.e., one app might be better suited for businesses who specialize in design while another would be more effective if your goal is managing projects). We believe that no matter what kind of business you have, there will always be an appropriate integration option available; whether it is an e-commerce store, or a marketing agency.

With the variety of options, it is highly likely that your business might have suitable apps that can work together.

Integromat and ClickUp

Integromat is a powerful tool for helping people work smarter. It’s perfect for ClickUp users because it helps them optimize their workflows, and maintain everything in one place! Integromat has integrations with many apps that are very helpful to teams like ours who need to make sure they’re on top of all the latest marketing trends.

Many people are turning to integrations for a reason. Integromat is the perfect tool for ClickUp users, as it allows them to have one place where they can manage all their workflows and all of their accounts, without lifting a finger! With integrations with many different apps that are available like MailChimp, Zendesk, or Stripe – you’ll be able to find an app that’s best suited for your needs too.

Is it for me?

Today, we can find an application for everything. Your business is growing and you’re looking for ways to keep up with your team and to stay on track. Codeless integrations can greatly help you organize your team and digitizing your processes. The integration of new technologies and business processes has become a necessity in today’s business world. Integromat makes it possible for you to integrate new software or develop legacy processes in a way that is flexible and automatic.

Logicore Tech – a proud partner of Integromat

As you can find out on our main page, we can proudly say that we are tried and tested by Integromat. If you have some queries about integrations of any kind, feel free to ask.

General ClickUp

How to Select the Right Project Management Tool for Your Company

As we have promised in the previous article, this time we will review the main options for Task and Project Management. Our goal will be to help you find the right balance between those three factors you see above.

I would have to clarify something, though. This is my opinion based on my personal experience on this topic. It may not be considered as a 100% factual truth, since it is subjective. 

“I want THE best possible tool for my company”

It is an amazing decision. Obviously, the tool that you would get is aimed to be perfectly optimized for your business. It will not come cheap at all but it will be reliable, smooth, and future proof (that should be out of question).

Pros and cons of this model:

Exclusive rights – since it is personalized for your company, you are the owner of your project management tool and can decide who will have access to use it. That even gives you the option to sell it as a product;

Unique design – having a dedicated team of professionals can customize the software with the corporate fonts, logo, etc.;

Integrity – since most of the custom-made project management tools are made to work both offline and online, it becomes easier to operate even in case of a bad connection.

Price – since it is tailor-made for the client, your product will come at a significantly higher price tag. 

Time-consuming designing a brand new product consumes many hours, days, and even months, depending on the circumstances.

Maintenance – for security purposes and to keep it up to date, your project management software requires additional human resources. That brings the costs up.

“Price matters the most. Please, give me the cheapest option that will do the work”.

Hey, you are opening a startup and you are looking for a cheap solution? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Many companies find it hard to find clients at the beginning and are seeking bargains. If you are an individual who does consulting, or you are a freelancer, why go for something pricey? A cheap (or even better – free of charge) tool will do the work.

In this case, we have two possible scenarios:


Case 1: There are plenty of companies offering their services for a small amount of money, or even for free. Since the businesses do not have incentive to offer you a cheap product that will be optimal, they give you a “demo account” or basic kit which is limited in options, and cannot be counted as reliable.

Pros and cons:

It costs you (almost) nothing to try – every product has a different user interface. Trying a cheap company gives you the option to see if you can work with their software, or not.

Fast – task management tools of this kind might not be as smooth as their expensive counterparts but come at a high value for money.

Limited options – the company owners are not willing to offer you enough options free of charge. This would make their paid subscription irrelevant.

Reliability – it is expensive to build a high-end product out of nothing. In some cases, the providers might still offer reliable services which however come at higher plans.

Case 2: Quite honestly, finding a cheap and reliable project management product might be a hard task to achieve. Reliability demands serious investment in hardware and software which has to be paid by the end client. That is why this scenario is rather a no-go, than a viable option.

If you are seeking a cheap service, then this is neither cost-efficient nor reliable.

“Balance is the way to go”

Ultimately, we are all looking for the best option. That is our nature. However, striving for perfection is a cumbersome process. Did I mention how expensive it might become, too?

Often in business, people are forced to adjust to changing conditions, and settle for less. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are up to making a huge compromise in terms of the product you get. At the end of the day, is it a must to buy a Ferrari to drive around town? 

Project management companies offer a variety of products. You will have to select which of the features you will be using and which will be an unnecessary cost.


Each company has different needs. You will have to identify yours and decide which option fits you best.

If you have a business of 100+ people or can afford a dedicated IT department, creating a product of your own is the best alternative in the long run. You do not rely on third party products, and have the design and functionality you wish. 

If your priority is to have something to mark your tasks and the progress on them, or you have a small team to monitor – then seek for a cheap (or free) decision. There are tons of available tools that will do the job.

However, if your purpose is to find usable tools with great functionality, you can look below. Bear in mind that

ToolPlan*Monthly fee per user /if paid annually/
ScoroWork Hub€29***
plans and prices are checked on the software platforms’ websites on the 12th of May 2021.

*-all plans include different functions. The ones chosen are the most comparable ones.

**-On the minimum amount of users is 3, so even if teams that consist of 1 or 2 members use the platform, they’ll pay $48 monthly

***-Scoro charges €145/month, as the bare minimum of users is 5

****Basecamp has unlimited users but the fee is flat.

Given the circumstances, I would rate ClickUp as best for performance, overall value for money, and functionality. Despite its price, it’s feature-rich and constantly improving. According to TechCrunch’s article, ClickUp has reached $1bn in valuation, and has acquired almost 2 million clients since it was launched in 2017. 

Our team is specialized in integrating and automating your business processes with ClickUp. If you are up for the challenge, contact us, and we will see how we can help you connect the dots.


Automations – a great way to free your business from manual work

Automation is pivotal for the success of a business, especially in the 2020s.

Manual work – the friend you are ashamed of

Manual work has always been considered a disaster. Nothing wastes more time than a non-productive routine that is capable of driving even the calmest people crazy.

Startups and non-experienced entrepreneurs are stretched to their limits. Imagine bull riding while simultaneously speaking on the phone. The 8 seconds are already mission impossible, let alone other distractions on the way.

Automation is very important for online businesses and ClickUp allows many of them.

Why should you automate your company?

Be honest and say loudly – how many times have you considered buying a punching bag because of the following reasons:

  • A lot of monotonous tasks that require manual work
  • Jumping from one platform to another
  • Losing track of your task progress
  • Chaotic business operations
  • Or simply seeing your company as a project car with nothing under the hood and parts spread all around the garage.

Let’s get real – there are better ways to spend your time than cutting your keyboard’s lifespan by half. Automations are one of the best options. And as hard as it may sound, they are easily achievable, if you use the right software solutions.

How Can I Automate my Company?

OK, since you’ve come to the conclusion that wasting productive hours is not the way to go, then the second obvious question is “How?”.

Luckily, people in the 2020s are creative (probably because they’ve become lazy) and have come up with many solutions. Be it online automation tools, or software for download, subscription-based model or one-off payment, free tools, internally-built task management, or a third party software. 

The list goes on and the decisive factor here is entirely based on your needs. We will talk later about the pros and cons of each model. 

Most importantly, you may have to focus on an automation tool that meets your budget allowance, offers the right features, and is future proof.

Automation of tasks

We can talk about many different automations, so I probably have to clarify myself – we are talking about automation of tasks.

Initially, many companies do not face issues, since they are not overloaded with projects. Unfortunately, they silently pile up until the situation reaches a critical point. Sometimes it becomes irreversable. To prevent that from happening, you should start from the get-go.

ClickUp Integration – a Versatile Solution

The Internet is full of project management tools. You cannot say which one tops the list, as they fit different needs. Just like automakers, there is something for each client. Everyone claims “We are the BEST” but in reality – that is not the case.

Our team specializes in working with ClickUp and might help you set up an account, and operate your business through it. 

It was a decision based on tens of hours of research, and is well worth it. In the last paragraph, I stated that future proof software is crucial – automations and data transitions are tough to complete, and are also time consuming. That is why there is no room for error.

Last but not least – price-wise it is amazing, and arguably the best value for money software on the market. 

Verdict – do not waste time and reach us out

If you are not convinced that automation is right for your business, we cannot make you believe that. And we do not want to.

But if having no time for friends and family has become a routine, drinking coffee at 10pm is already a habit, and you have forgotten what is 8 hours of sleep, then why not reach us out to see how we can ease your work, and get you more time for what matters most?