Automations – a great way to free your business from manual work

Automation is pivotal for the success of a business, especially in the 2020s.

Manual work – the friend you are ashamed of

Manual work has always been considered a disaster. Nothing wastes more time than a non-productive routine that is capable of driving even the calmest people crazy.

Startups and non-experienced entrepreneurs are stretched to their limits. Imagine bull riding while simultaneously speaking on the phone. The 8 seconds are already mission impossible, let alone other distractions on the way.

Automation is very important for online businesses and ClickUp allows many of them.

Why should you automate your company?

Be honest and say loudly – how many times have you considered buying a punching bag because of the following reasons:

  • A lot of monotonous tasks that require manual work
  • Jumping from one platform to another
  • Losing track of your task progress
  • Chaotic business operations
  • Or simply seeing your company as a project car with nothing under the hood and parts spread all around the garage.

Let’s get real – there are better ways to spend your time than cutting your keyboard’s lifespan by half. Automations are one of the best options. And as hard as it may sound, they are easily achievable, if you use the right software solutions.

How Can I Automate my Company?

OK, since you’ve come to the conclusion that wasting productive hours is not the way to go, then the second obvious question is “How?”.

Luckily, people in the 2020s are creative (probably because they’ve become lazy) and have come up with many solutions. Be it online automation tools, or software for download, subscription-based model or one-off payment, free tools, internally-built task management, or a third party software. 

The list goes on and the decisive factor here is entirely based on your needs. We will talk later about the pros and cons of each model. 

Most importantly, you may have to focus on an automation tool that meets your budget allowance, offers the right features, and is future proof.

Automation of tasks

We can talk about many different automations, so I probably have to clarify myself – we are talking about automation of tasks.

Initially, many companies do not face issues, since they are not overloaded with projects. Unfortunately, they silently pile up until the situation reaches a critical point. Sometimes it becomes irreversable. To prevent that from happening, you should start from the get-go.

ClickUp Integration – a Versatile Solution

The Internet is full of project management tools. You cannot say which one tops the list, as they fit different needs. Just like automakers, there is something for each client. Everyone claims “We are the BEST” but in reality – that is not the case.

Our team specializes in working with ClickUp and might help you set up an account, and operate your business through it. 

It was a decision based on tens of hours of research, and is well worth it. In the last paragraph, I stated that future proof software is crucial – automations and data transitions are tough to complete, and are also time consuming. That is why there is no room for error.

Last but not least – price-wise it is amazing, and arguably the best value for money software on the market. 

Verdict – do not waste time and reach us out

If you are not convinced that automation is right for your business, we cannot make you believe that. And we do not want to.

But if having no time for friends and family has become a routine, drinking coffee at 10pm is already a habit, and you have forgotten what is 8 hours of sleep, then why not reach us out to see how we can ease your work, and get you more time for what matters most?