5 Tips for Creating a Workflow That Improves Your Productivity

5 tips for creating a workflow that improves your productivity

Whether you are a solopreneur or managing a whole team, three key things will help you improve your productivity and optimize your workflow. 

  • Know what needs to be done. If you know your goal, you are already a step ahead.
  • Define the best way to get it done – you should gather your team and decide what the next steps are and what track you will follow.
  • Communicate with your team – no matter what you do; you should always listen to your team. The team members might have some fresh ideas that will help your cause immensely.
Tip #1 – Embrace the change

Workflow is something that every business, no matter large or small, must have. It’s an essential thing that helps companies run efficiently. Every process should have a workflow attached to it, and even if your workflow is already established, it’s always a good idea to ask: Is my company’s workflow optimized? The answer is almost always “no” since something new needs to be done.

According to Forbes, businesses lose between 20-30% of their revenue annually because of a lack of productivity. If your company falls under that category, don’t think that you can get away with another year of mismanaged workflows: it takes time and effort to optimize work processes, but it’s well worth your time.

Tip #2 – Be patient during the process

We all want things to happen overnight. Unfortunately, restructuring a company is a challenging task. The bigger the company, the slower the transition. Workflow optimization is impossible unless certain conditions are met, such as:

  • Starting from scratch
  • Using the right tools
  • Listening to your employees

All of these factors are time-consuming. Many companies are entirely chaotic, and their employees are burning out. The systems are a mess, and everything, in general, is not OK. However, they keep on going because of one thing – fear of starting from zero. 

You can’t compare new phones with refurbished ones. The same goes for workflows. That is why you need to be patient in the process, and you will be rewarded.

Tip #3 Make your employees aware of your intent

Team members are the most crucial aspect of any company, and they deserve to be a part of — or at least have a say in — the decisions that affect their lives. Communicating plans to your employees can help foster trust, reduce anxiety and increase productivity.

Asking your colleagues is the easiest way to manage your employees’ workload. Making them feel like they’re part of the team will help them remain productive under pressure and will lessen their stress — leading to a better work environment for everyone.

Tip #4 – Find a way to automate your workflows

Now that everyone is connected and you can accomplish everything you need to do in a day from the outside, you’re probably not spending as much time on manual work. However, your workflows still need to be optimized to use the limited time you have for doing tasks — each moment is precious. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and apps that can make your life easier and free up more of that time.

In this Article, we mention some of the essential features that such software should have.

Tip #5 Hire a professional to set up your workflows

Many people know what they do when it comes to their company, but not how they do it. It is especially true for the upper-level management that can’t always see the big picture. Employees who want to improve their business need to know how each department functions as part of the whole. A 360-degree assessment of their company can provide insight and help them identify growth areas and focus on stakeholders for some positive communication.

That’s why it’s crucial to invite someone external to help you look at problems from a new perspective. An expert in your field who has no borders and thinks of the bigger picture is what will move your business forward.

Integromat ClickUp

Integromat: Great Codeless Integrations with Many Different Apps (650+)

In this article, we will review Integromat as a software tool, and decide if the product is worth your attention, or not.

Why use Integrations?

Integromat - is it worth using it?

We often get asked the question “Why should we use integrations?” It’s a good one, and it deserves an answer. Integrations allow you to connect your Gmail, ClickUp, Slack, and other accounts with other apps so that you can work smarter. You might be thinking to yourself: “Why would I want to do this?”. We’ll give you two reasons why: 1) Automation makes life easier. 2) More time equals more money!

The first reason is pretty self-explanatory; automating things will make everything easier for you and will free up your time so that you can focus on other areas of your business or personal life. The second reason is just as important – if we’re talking about making more money, then every minute counts.

What are Integrations?

The answer to the question, “What are integrations?” is that they’re a set of pre-built workflows which allow you to connect an app with other apps so that you can automate tasks and spend more time focusing on important aspects of your business.

For the record, there are 4 types of integrations(API, Webhooks, ISC, and Orchestration) but this is not the topic of our discussion.

In this article, we discuss what makes integrations important for online businesses and why Integromat is a good solution for someone who doesn’t know what to choose from.

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a service that makes it possible to turn one’s ideas into reality. This platform has more than 650 APIs which can be used for anything from the weather or recipes, even Twitter feeds!

Integromat – many apps, one gateway

Integration types are also important because different apps offer different benefits with each integration type (i.e., one app might be better suited for businesses who specialize in design while another would be more effective if your goal is managing projects). We believe that no matter what kind of business you have, there will always be an appropriate integration option available; whether it is an e-commerce store, or a marketing agency.

With the variety of options, it is highly likely that your business might have suitable apps that can work together.

Integromat and ClickUp

Integromat is a powerful tool for helping people work smarter. It’s perfect for ClickUp users because it helps them optimize their workflows, and maintain everything in one place! Integromat has integrations with many apps that are very helpful to teams like ours who need to make sure they’re on top of all the latest marketing trends.

Many people are turning to integrations for a reason. Integromat is the perfect tool for ClickUp users, as it allows them to have one place where they can manage all their workflows and all of their accounts, without lifting a finger! With integrations with many different apps that are available like MailChimp, Zendesk, or Stripe – you’ll be able to find an app that’s best suited for your needs too.

Is it for me?

Today, we can find an application for everything. Your business is growing and you’re looking for ways to keep up with your team and to stay on track. Codeless integrations can greatly help you organize your team and digitizing your processes. The integration of new technologies and business processes has become a necessity in today’s business world. Integromat makes it possible for you to integrate new software or develop legacy processes in a way that is flexible and automatic.

Logicore Tech – a proud partner of Integromat

As you can find out on our main page, we can proudly say that we are tried and tested by Integromat. If you have some queries about integrations of any kind, feel free to ask.